Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sexy Nautical Star Tattoo Design on Female Chest

Sexy Nautical Star Tattoo Design on Female ChestSexy Nautical Star Tattoo Design on Female Chest

Nautical Stars Tattoo Design Female Lower Back

Stars Birds and Cherry Tattoo on Back

Star Tattoo Design on Girl Feet

Colour Stars Design Tattoo on Side Girl

Stars Tattoo on lower back


"I'm the man who ruined everything." (Lyle Tuttle on the popularity of modern tattooing)

Sonny and another Hells Angel who was at the meeting thought they were beyond a little patch so they headed down to a local tattoo shop in Oakland and were the first to get the famous One Percent tattoos.
Chuck Zito - a member of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels, amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman and actor.

Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent. Like tattoos and marriage. Drew Barrymore

People have asked me, what about your tattoos when you're ninety? Why would it bother me then? I would still want to get tattooed even when I'm a grandmother. Nicole Miller, noted fashion designer

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